​A head impact alert system was designed by four international students from KAUST Microelectronics Winter Camp

​A head impact alert system was designed when we received four international students from different backgrounds this February from the Microelectronics Winter Camp at KAUST. For one month Kristians, a physics student from Latvia, Oksana, a microelectronics engineering student from Ukraine, Marija, a programming engineering student from Croatia, and Leo, a physics master student from Germany, were trained in:
1. Antenna design and fabrication through different methods as inkjet printing and screen printing as well as measurements in IMPACT Labs anechoic chamber.
2. PCB fabrication from design to manufacture in our on site electronics workshop.
3. Micro controllers programming for wireless communication including GSM and GPS as well as sensor integration. 
All this training was used to come up with a final device that will send an SMS to a predetermined cellphone in case of a fall or head injury. At the end of the month a working prototype was build as well as the two needed antennas on flexible substrates for the idea top be pitched in the KAUST entrepreneurship center from which they also received training in innovation and entrepreneurship techniques for idea upbringing during this Winter Camp.