Loic Marnat's work on vertical on-chip antennas to appear in IEEE TAP

The paper titled "New Movable Plate for Efficient Millimeter Wave Vertical on-Chip Antennas,"  written by Loïc Marnat, Armando A. A. Carreno, Ian G. Foulds, Atif Shamim  has been accepted in  IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, with minor revisions, November 2012.

The abstract of the paper is below:

A new movable plate concept is presented in this paper to realize mm-wave vertical on-chip antennas through MEMS based post-processing steps in a CMOS compatible process. By virtue of its vertical position, the antenna is isolated from the lossy Si substrate and hence performs with a better efficiency as compared to the horizontal position. In addition, the movable plate concept enables polarization diversity by providing both horizontal and vertical polarizations on the same chip. Through a first iteration fractal bowtie antenna design, dual band (60 and 77 GHz) operation is demonstrated in both horizontal and vertical positions without any change in dimensions or use of switches for two different mediums (Si and air). To support the movable plate concept, the transmission line and antenna are designed on a flexible polyamide, where the former has been optimized to operate in the bent position. The design is highly suitable for compact, low cost and efficient SoC solutions.