Dr. Atif Shamim's work on Wireless Dosimeter results in first patent

Dr. Atif Shamim's work on Wireless Dosimeter results in first patent issued to KAUST

Dr. Atif Shamims' work on Wireless Dosimeter, jointly with Dr. Arsalan, has been granted a US patent, which is the first patent issued to KAUST. Below is the message from Vice President Economic Development Amin Shibani on this occasion to the university authorities.

I am very pleased to report that KAUST was issued its first patent. The United States Patent Office (USPTO) has issued patent number U.S. 8,519,345, titled “Miniaturized, Low Power FGMOSFET Radiation Sensor & Wireless Dosimeter System”.  The invention provides a low power, highly sensitive radiation sensor device that can be fabricated using low cost Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor (CMOS) technology.  
The inventors, Dr. Atif Shamim and Dr. Muhammad Arsalan, began work on this technology prior to joining KAUST.  Upon assigning their invention rights to KAUST, TTI investigated the commercial potential of the technology, conducted an assessment, and devised a commercialization strategy.  Through this work it was determined that patent prosecution should be pursued and TTI managed the process with the USPTO till the issuance of the patent. 
From a commercialization standpoint, TTI has received interest from a global leader in radiation science and services to test the device (Landauer, http://www.landauer.com/). The issued patent will strengthen KAUST position in license negotiation.​