Prof. Atif Shamim

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering Program,
Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences & Engineering
Division (CEMSE)​​​​​

Research Interests

  • CMOS RF SoC design (RFICs with on-chip antennas)
  • Antenna design, integration and miniaturization techniques 
  • 3D IC packaging and embedded passives in LTCC, LCP and IPD environments for SoP applications
  • Ferrite LTCC based tunable and reconfigurable design 
  • Flexible RF electronics (inkjet printing on paper, plastics, etc) 
  • Energy harvesting through ambient resources (solar, infrared, EM) 
  • Wearable and disposable wireless sensors

Selected Publications

  • W. Li, S. Yang, A. Shamim, "Screen-Printing of Silver Nanowires: Balancing Conductivity with Transparency While Maintaining Flexibility, and Stretchability", published in npj Flexible Electronics, June 2019.
  • A. Bakytbekov, T. Nguyen, C. Huynh, K. Salama, A. Shamim, "Fully Printed 3D Cube-shaped Multiband Fractal Rectenna for Ambient RF Energy Harvesting" published in Nano Energy, Nov 2018.
  • S. Yang, M. Vaseem, A. Shamim, "Fully Inkjet-Printed VO₂-Based Radio-Frequency Switches for  Flexible Reconfigurable Components,” Advanced Materials Technologies, Aug 2018. (Cover Article)
  • Z.Su, K. Klionovski, R.M.Bilal, A.Shamim, "A Dual Band Additively Manufactured 3D Antenna on Package with Near-Isotropic Radiation Pattern" published in IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Mar 2018.
  • Mohammad Vaseem, Farhan Abdul Ghaffar, Muhammad Fahad Farooqui,Atif Shamim, “Iron Oxide Nanoparticle‐Based Magnetic Ink Development for Fully Printed Tunable Radio‐Frequency Devices,” Wiley Advanced materials Technologies, Jan 2018. (Cover Article)​
  • K. Klionovski, A. Shamim, "Back Radiation Suppression through a Semitransparent Ground Plane for a mm-Wave Patch Antenna,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 2017,  65, 3935. (Finalist for R. W. P. King IEEE Award)
  • Muhammad Akram Karimi, Muhammad Arsalan, Atif. Shamim, "Design and dynamic characterization of an orientation insensitive microwave water-cut sensor,"  published in IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques,  April 2017.
  • G. McKerricher, M. Vaseem and A. Shamim, “Fully Inkjet-Printed Microwave Passive Electronics” published in Nature Microsystems and Nanoengineering, Mar 2017.
  • D. Conchouso, G. McKerricher, A. A. A. Carreno, D. Castro, A. Shamim and I. G. Foulds, " Comparison of Capacitive and Radio Frequency Resonator Sensors for Monitoring Parallelized Droplet Microfluidic Production," Lab on Chip, July 2016. (Cover Article)
  • M. F Farooqui and A. Shamim "Low Cost Inkjet Printed Smart Bandage for Wireless Monitoring of Chronic Wounds", published in Nature Scientific Reports, Jun 2016.
  • A. M. Hussain, F. A. Ghaffar, Sing I. Park, J. A. Rogers, A. Shamim and M. M. Hussain, “Metal/Polymer Based Stretchable Antenna for Constant Frequency Far-Field Communication in Wearable Electronics”, Advanced Functional Materials, Sept 2015 (doi: 10.1002/adfm.201503277) (Cover Article)
  • M. N. Gadalla, M. Abdel-Rahman, Atif Shamim, "Design, Optimization and fabrication of a 28.3 THz Nano-Rectenna for Infrared detection and rectification," Nature Sci. Rep. 4, 4270; DOI:10.1038/srep04270 (2014)
  • E. Arabi, A. Shamim, "A 3D Miniaturized High selectivity Bandpass filter in LTCC Technology", IEEE Microwave and Wireless Component Letters (MWCL),  vol.24, no.1, pp.8,10, Jan. 2014.
  • M. F. Farooqui, C. Claudel, and A. Shamim, " An Inkjet Printed Buoyant 3-D Lagrangian Sensor for Real Time Flood Monitoring," IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation ,vol. 62, no.6, pp.3354-3359, June 2014. 
  • Farhan A. Ghaffar, Joey. R. Bray,  A. Shamim, "Theory and Design of a Tunable Antenna on a Partially Magnetized Ferrite LTCC Substrate," IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, vol.62, no.3, pp.1238-1245, March 2014. 
  • Hammad M. Cheema, A. Shamim, "The Last Barrier: On-Chip Antennas," IEEE Microwave Magazine, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 79-91, January 2013.
  • Hammad M. Cheema, A. Shamim, "The Last Barrier: On-Chip Antennas," IEEE Microwave Magazine, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 79-91, January 2013. (Top 10 Popular Articles)
  • B.S. Cook, A. Shamim, “Inkjet Printing of Novel Wideband and High Gain Antennas on Low-Cost Paper Substrate,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, vol.60, no.9, pp.4148 - 4156, September 2012.
  • F. A. Ghaffar, M. U. Khalid, K. N. Salama, A. Shamim, “24 GHz LTCC Fractal Antenna Array SoP with Integrated Fresnel Lens”, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, vol. 10, no. 10, pp. 705- 708, July 2011.
  • A. Shamim, J. Bray, N. Hojjat, L. Roy, “Ferrite LTCC Based Antennas for Tunable SoP Applications,” IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, vol. 1, no. 7, pp. 999-1006, July 2011.  
  • A. Shamim, A. G Radwan, K. N. Salama, "Fractional Smith Chart Theory," IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, vol.21, no.3, pp.117-119, March 2011.
  • A. G Radwan, A. Shamim, K. N. Salama,.; "Theory of Fractional Order Elements Based Impedance Matching Networks," IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, vol.21, no.3, pp.120-122, March 2011.
  • A. Shamim, M. Arsalan, L. Roy, L.; K. N. Salama, "Co-design of on-chip antennas and circuits for a UNII band monolithic transceiver," IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium (APS/URSI), vol., no., pp.1-4, July 2010.
  • M. Arsalan, A. Shamim, L. Roy, M. Shams, “A Fully Differential Monolithic LNA with On-chip Antenna for a Short Range Wireless Receiver,” IEEE Microwave Wireless Components Letter, vol. 19, pp. 674-676, Oct 2009.
  • A. Shamim, M. Arsalan, L. Roy, "Wireless interconnect between on-chip and LTCC antennas for system-in-package applications," European Conference on Wireless Technology (EuEiT) in EuMA Week, pp.21-24, 27-28 Oct. 2008. (Overall Best paper Award)
  • A. Shamim, M. Arsalan, L. Roy, G. Tarr, “Wireless Dosimeter: System on Chip versus System in Package for Biomedical and Space Applications,” IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II, vol.55, pp.643-647, Jul 2008.
  • P. Popplewell, V. Karam, A. Shamim, J. Rogers, L. Roy, C. Plett, “A 5.2-GHz, BFSK Transceiver using Injection-Locking and an On-Chip Antenna,” IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits (JSSC), vol.43, no.4, pp.981-990, Apr 2008.
  • A. Shamim, N. Fong, L. Roy, G. Tarr, “24 GHz On-Chip Antennas and Balun on Bulk Si for Air Transmission,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, vol.56, no.2, pp.303-311, Feb 2008.



  • Ph.D. 2009, Electrical Engineering, Carleton University, Canada
  • M.Sc. 2004, Electrical Engineering, Carleton University, Canada



Awards and Recognition Research :

  • ​Interviews on CBC TV “News at Six”, CTV Show “Tech Now”, CBC Radio Show “All in a Day” .
  • Interviews in newspapers and magazines “USA Today”, “Ottawa Citizen”, “Ottawa Sun”, “Muslim Link”, “Research Works”, “Carleton Now”, “Charlatan”.
  • Biography listed in "Who is Who in the World" Edition 2012. 
  • Named in Carleton University Great Grads Honors list, 22 Scientists since 1942 (2009).
  • NSERC PDF Scholarship for excellence in PhD research, Canada (2009-2010).
  • Overall Best Paper Prize in European Microwave Week Conference, Netherlands  (2008).
  • Ottawa Centre of Research Innovation (OCRI) Researcher of the Year Award, Canada (2008).
  • Commendation Letter from Minister of Research & Innovation, Canada (2008).
  • Strategic Microelectronics Council Industrial Collaboration Award at CMC TEXPO, Canada (2007).
  • Invited Researcher at Micro Modules Group, VTT Electronics, Finland (2006).
  • Best Student Paper Finalist Prize at IEEE APS conference, USA (2005).
  • Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS) NSERC for excellence in research (2007-2009).
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) for excellence in graduate studies (2006-2007).
  • NORTEL Graduate Scholarship for excellence in academics (2005-2006).


Entrepreneurial :

  • NSERC Innovation Challenge Award, Canada (2010).
  • Ottawa Centre of Research Innovation (OCRI) Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Canada (2010).
  • Technology Venture Challenge Award, Canada (2009).
  • First Prize in Enterprize National Business Plan Competition, Canada (2009).
  • Carleton Foundry Grant (2009).
  • First Prize in Wesley Nicol Business Competition, Canada (2008).
  • Launch Pad 50K Business Competition Prize, Canada (2008).