Sangkil Kim

Visiting Student

Research Interests

  • Inkjet-printed Electronics on flexible substrates for Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN)
  • Electromagnetic Band Gap structure (EBGs), Antenna on Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC), Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Antenna
  • System level RF device design (Wearable bio-monitoring sensor, Active antenna)
  • mmWave structures - Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) structures on flexible substrate

Selected Publications

  • Sangkil Kim, Y. Ren, H. Lee, A. Rida, S. Nikolaou and M. M. Tentzeris “Monopole Antenna with Inkjet Printed EBG Array on Paper Substrate for Wearable Applications”, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, vol.11, pp.663-666, 2012.
  • Sangkil Kim, A. Georgiadis, A. Collado, M.M. Tentzeris, "An Inkjet-Printed Solar-Powered Wireless Beacon on Paper for Identification and Wireless Power Transmission Applications," IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, vol.60, no.12, pp.4178-4186, Dec. 2012.
  • Sangkil Kim, B. Cook, T. Le, J. Cooper, H. Lee, V. Lakafosis, R. Vyas, M. Riccardo, M. Bozzi, A. Georgiadis, A. Collado, M. M. Tentzeris, "Inkjet-printed Antennas, Sensors and Circuits on Paper Substrate", IET Microwave and Antennas Propagation, in proc., 2012.
  • Sangkil Kim, V. Lakafosis, C. Mariotti, F. Alimenti, P. Mezzanotte, A. Georgiadis, A. Collado, L. Roselli, M. M. Tentzeris, "Perpetual RFID-Enabled Wireless Sensors for Cognitive Intelligence Applications", Microwave Magazine, in proc.


  • BS School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2010
  • MS School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Instotitue of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA 2012