Current Projects

The world has witnessed an unprecedented increase in its energy requirements over the last few decades driven by the increasing size of the population, industrial development and the increasing level of activity of humans around the globe. Consequently, new paradigms are needed to produce clean and cheap energy.
As a first step towards realizing all inkjet printed electronics, this project aims at integrating conventional silicon based electronics with inkjet printed devices. This hybrid approach can result in reduction in cost of the systems as well as providing additional advantages like flexibility and 3-D implementation of electronic systems which are particularly suited to low cost and compact wireless sensor applications .        ​
​​Utilizing the low atmospheric absorption and inherent mm-wave radition at 94 GHz, a number of passive and active imaging applications have recently emerged. This project aims to develop mm-wave RF front end components in state of the art CMOS technology integrated with efficient passives in a compatible packaging environment.
Inkjet printed antennas and microwave devices on flexible and organic substrates, such as paper, have the advantages of being light weight, low cost, and environmentally friendly.  The applications of flexible microwave devices extend to low-cost RFID tags, lightweight wearable and sensing wireless devices, etc. ​​
The advances in metallic nanoparticles printing have enabled printing of electronics on substrates which are cheaper, lighter, thinner, environment friendly and suitable for flexible and conformal gadgets.​ Such a technology can be used to design wearable Tags for various applications such as outdoor and indoor tracking, RFIDs and others. ​ ​​​