Yen-Hung Kuo

Postdoctoral Fellows
​Now: Senior Engineer
Imagination Technologies

Research Interests

​RFIC design and analysis​

Selected Publications

  • Yen-Hung Kuo, Jeng-Han Tsai, Tian-Wei Huang, and Huei Wang, “Design and Analysis of Digital- Assisted Bandwidth-Enhanced Miller Divider in 0.18-um CMOS process,”  IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., vol. 60, pp. 3769–3777, Oct. 2012. 
  • Yen-Hung Kuo, Jeng-Han Tsai and Tian-Wei Huang,"A Digital-Calibrated Transmitter-to-Receiver Isolator in Radar Applications," IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, vol.22, pp. 651–653, Oct. 2012.
  • Yen-Hung Kuo, Jeng-Han Tsai, Hong-Yeh Chang, and Tian-Wei Huang, “Design and analysis of a 77.3 % locking range divide-by-4 frequency divider,” IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech., vol. 59, pp. 2477–2485, Oct. 2011.


  • ​Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, 2003~2007
  • PhD and MS degree of Communication Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, 2007~2012​