Lab Resources


Integrated Circuit Design Tools:
  • Cadence IC6 
  • Virtuoso Schematic & Layout Editors with ADE-GXL optimization engine
  • Mentor Graphics Calibre verification Tools
  • Agilent ADS
Electormagnetic Solvers:
  • ​Ansys HFSS
  • CST Microwave Studio
  • Ansys Maxwell
Fabrication & Cha​racterization Equipment:
  • Screen Printer
  • Voxel 8 3-D Electronics Printer. (voxel 8 3-D Eletronics Printer.jpg​)
  • Dimatix DMP-2831 Inkjet printer for printing electronics on flexible substrates such as paper, plastics etc.  (Picture​)
  • LPKF Protomat S103 for rapid PCB prototyping (Picture)
  • Cascade Summit 12000B-M probe station (Picture)
  • Agilent E4991A RF Impedance/Material analyzer (Picture)
  • Anritsu Vectorstar MS4647A Network Analyzer upgraded using dedicated external mixers enabling measurements upto 110 GHz (Picture)
  • Satimo Starlab 18 GHz Anechoic chamber (Picture​)
  • Customized Satimo Mini-SNF Anechoic chamber from 18 to 110 GHz suitable for probe-fed antennas
    In addition access to following equipment is available:
  • Spectrum Analyzers upto to 110GHz 
  • Signal Generators upto 110 GHz
  • KRUSS Rheometer - Viscosity investigation of fluids 
  • KRUSS Drop Shape Analysis - Measures surface tension and contact angle or Fluids 
  • Dektak Profilometer - Measurement of surface profiles 
  • Zygo Interferometer - Fast Imaging of fabricated devices 
  • Nanosurf Atomic Force Microscope - Allows Surface measurements at nm scale 
  • Precision Laser System Engraving Laser - Rapid Prototyping
    Lastly state-of-the-art nano-fabrication & characterization facilities such as EBL, SEM, TEM etc are accessible through KAUST Core Labs. Details available at​