Inkjet Printed RF Electronics

Fully Inkjet-Printed RF Passive and Active Devices


Fully inkjet-printed 3D objects with integrated metal provide exciting possibilities for on-demand fabrication of radio frequency electronics such as inductors, capacitors, and filters. This work provides a process beyond 2D inkjet printing of the conductor on a standard support substrate; the metal is truly integrated into the printed dielectric to build quality multilayer RF capacitors and inductors with crossover interconnects. A major advancement is the low processing temperature (80 ºC) of the novel Silver-Organo-Complex (SOC) ink, which overcomes the major challenge of temperature processing compatibility between the printed conductor and dielectric. The SOC ink is cured with a  low-cost IR lamp in only 5 minutes while providing a state-of-the-art conductivity of 1x107 S/m, which is necessary for conductivity-sensitive RF filter applications.​​