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Garret's paper accepted on IEEE Transactions on Electron Device

‚ÄčGarret and Popi's paper on fabrication of radio frequency capacitors and inductors by inkjet printing has been accepted in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices. The Title is "Fully inkjet printed RF inductors and capacitors using polymer dielectric and silver nanoparticle ink with through vias.

Abstract: fully inkjet printed multilayer capacitors and inductors are fabricated and characterized using poly 4-vinylphenol (PVP) ink as the dielectric layer and silver nanoparticle ink as the conductor. Inkjet printed through vias, created with a novel dissolving method are used to make RF structures in a multilayer inkjet printing process. The successful implementation of inductors and capacitors in an all inkjet printed multilayer process with vias is an important step toward fully inkjet-printed large area and flexible RF systems.