Eyad Papaer PEIRS

Eyad's paper on SoP components is pubished in PIERC

​Eyad Arabi's paper on miniaturiazed lumped components and filters has been published on the journal PIERC. The paper ​introduces for the first time lumped components and bandpass filters on an ultra-thin liquid crystal polymers (LCP) substrate.

AbstractIn this work, a library of 3D lumped components completely embedded in the thinnest, multilayer liquid crystal polymer (M-LCP) stack-up with four metallization layers and 100 ¹m of total thickness, is reported for the ¯rst time. A vertically and horizontally interdigitated capacitor, realized in this stack-up, provides higher self resonant frequency as compared to a similarly sized conventional parallel plate capacitor. Based on the above mentioned library, a miniaturized bandpass filter is presented for the GPS application. It utilizes mutually coupled inductors and is the smallest reported in the literature with a size of (0:035mm x 0:028mm x 0:00089mm). The M-LCP module presented in this work is inherently flexible and offers great potential for wearable and conformal applications.