Akram's paper in Advanced Materials journal

Akram's work in collaboration with Integrated Nanotechnology Lab published in inaugural issue of Advanced Material Technologies

The paper entitled "Paper Skin Multi-Sensory Platform for Simultaneous Environmental Monitoring" has been accepted for the inaugural issue of Advanced Material Technologies. This is a collaborative project between IMPACT Lab and Integrated Nanotechnology Lab. For this work, Akram developed readout circuitry for the real-time measurement of capacitive array using Micro-Controller.

Abstract: Inspired by human skin and hair, this paper presents simulatneous pressure, temperature, humidity, strain and flow sensing on a single integrated platform. Off-the-shelf inexpensive household elements such as aluminum foil, scotch tapes, sticky-notes, napkins and sponges have been used to realize the “paper skin” with simultaneous real-time sensing capability of pressure, temperature, humidity, proximity, pH and flow. Enabling the basic principles of porosity, adsorption, and dimensions of these materials, a fully functioning sensor array platform has been demonstrated which for the first time can sense the vitals of its carrier (body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and skin hydration).