Tri-band antenna paper accepted in IEEE AWPL

Tri-Band inkjet printed antenna paper accepted in IEEE AWPL

The Abstract of the paper:
Realization of U-slot tri-band Monopole antenna on a low cost paper substrate using inkjet printed technology is presented for the first time. U-shaped slot is optimized to enhance the bandwidth and to achieve tri-band operation of 1.57, 3.2 and 5 GHz with measured impedance bandwidths of 3.21%, 28.1% and 36% respectively. The antenna is fabricated through a metallic nanoparticle ink on a standard commercial paper. Thus the antenna can be used to cover the GPS, WiMAX, HiperLAN/2 and WLAN. The antenna has a compact size of 12 × 37.3 × 0.44 mm3 leaving enough space for the driving electronics on the paper substrate. The impedance bandwidth, current distributions, radiation patterns, gain and efficiency of the antenna have been studied through computer simulations and measurements.